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"What Makes Add-En-On Different?"


There are lots of choices in the greater Rochester area for pet boarding. We have toured many facilities and have found one constant throughout. They are all staffed by the same hardworking, caring, pet loving people that we hire. We have trained and traded staff members with many other pet boarding facilities in Rochester over the years. If a staff member doesn’t love pets with the same passion that we do they do not last long in this profession. Caring for the animals must come first.


We always recommend touring a pet boarding facility before leaving your beloved pet.


What does change between pet boarding facilities is type and style, starting with the veterinarians who board dogs. Most board dogs in cages and then hand lead the dogs out to an inside or outside run a few times a day. That can work well for dogs who like to be calm and hand led. It may not work so well for an active or highly energetic dog, or one who doesn’t want to be handled.


The next style is the big chain store. They often have a lobby in line with the finest hotel. Usually the inside area for the dogs is larger than the veterinarians cage but because of location there is no outside area. Most have a play group that is included in the price and works well if the dog likes to play in the group. You pay for it either way. One thing to remember is that the dogs are on the cement floor the whole time and may pick up an odor. You will be a much happier dog owner when returning if you ask for a bath before picking up.


The next is the dog training facility. There are several in the Rochester area and that can work really well if you want your dog trained while you are away. The styles range from the chain store concept to the indoor/outdoor style. Many of our clients have had very good results and highly recommend a few. One of our vendors really likes a facility who doesn’t allow the dogs to bark.


Pet sitting is another option. There are some really quality pet sitters in the Rochester area that I would allow into my home, and a few maybe not. For some owners and dogs this can be a great option. For others it can be troublesome. Dogs are by nature pack animals in that they like the company of other dogs. Many times it can be hard on a dog left home in isolation waiting for you to come home today or tonight and not understanding why you haven’t. Sometimes that can lead to problems or escapes.


Our dog boarding facility is different. Because of our location in Mendon Ponds Park, we have indoor/outdoor runs and can allow the dogs to run, bark and play outside throughout the day. We like the dogs to socialize and play while in the safety and security of their own individual run. From the time they wake up in the morning until bedtime there are things to do besides socializing and playing with our staff. All of our outside runs are 30 feet long while connected to an inside area. There are many activities that you can sign your dog up for, from group play to long walks, short walks, or storytime. Please see our activities page for descriptions and packages available. We believe you should have the choice and not be made to pay for something that your dog may not enjoy.


Watching the dogs want to come back is one of our greatest joys.


We would be happy to schedule a tour anytime during appointment hours.  Please call our office to see what times we have available. When touring any facility, we like to suggest to look at the dogs.  Do they look happy? See if they are up wagging their tails, and barking or are they lying in a corner, hiding.   Ask what time is feeding? Do they have nap time? What happens in the event of an emergency? We believe the more comfortable you are when dropping your pet off the more comfortable your pet will be during his stay. After all, he should be on vacation at the same time you are.


Thank you...we appreciate the opportunity for your business.


Bruce & Michelle

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