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Add En On's Doggie Day Programs

Does your dog get bored during the day?  Do they have entirely too much energy when you get home from a long day?  Then coming to our unique day

programs may just be the solution for you and your dog!


Add En On has a very different approach to entertaining your dog during the day. 

Each dog has their own ideas of what is fun for them.  We have adapted the concept of letting your dog tell "us" what they want to do.  For some it is a group setting, for others it is individual and personalized play throughout the day is ideal.  We do not believe in a "pass or fail" program, we believe finding what works for everyone and for every dog to succeed!



Day Camp with us is a full day of structured and supervised play.  Campers arrive to us daily ready to play....usually in the door and gone before you have a chance to say good bye.  The campers get to play with their furry friends as well as their human friends!

All campers take a nap, after their snack or light lunch and spend the afternoon with playing and having fun!


Day Care Requirements


* Provide Proof of Current Vaccines

* Rabies, Dhlpp and Bordetella

* Flea & Tick Preventative

* Spayed/Neutered 

* Minimum 6 months of age

* Meet Criteria for group play

* Minimum Weekly Commitment


Program Cost:    $25 per day



Doggie Day Care

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