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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What vaccines do I need to have to board an animal with you?

A. For dogs, Distemper Parvo (DHPP), Rabies and Bordetella (Canine Cough). 
Q. Do you give vaccines?
A. No. You need to see your regular veterinarian for that.

Q. I'm boarding my pet for the first time. What can I expect?
A. The hardest time will be that first night because they do not know what to expect. We do everything at the same time everyday so that they will begin to know and expect things to happen. They are let out at the same time everyday. Fed at the same time, etc. This makes the animals feel safe and secure.
When you pick them up they will be very excited to see you. We like to see that. On the second or third visit they will be very happy to see us and that should make you happy.
Upon getting them home, resist the temptation to give lots of treats. Let them settle down for a few hours or a day first. They may appear thirsty after being so excited to see you. It is OK for them to drink but if it look excessive take the water away and put down a bowl of ice. It will help without the danger of gulping a lot of water. They have water all the time in the kennel.

Q. What happens if my dog or cat should become ill while staying with you?
A. We will take them to their vet if it is during your vets normal business hours and is not a life threatening emergency. In the event it is after hours or a weekend – we will immediately transport your pet the Animal Emergency on White Spruce Boulevard. 

Q. Why do I have to fill out a Veterinarian Release Form each visit and put down a credit card number?
A. It is what Animal Emergency requires. They are the people who can help during a true emergency. Most Veterinary offices are closed nights, weekends and holidays. Many Veterinary offices will no longer take Bloat cases at all. They refer to Animal Emergency.

Q. What is Bloat/Gastric Torsion?


Q. What do you do with the Veterinarian Release Form?
A. It is kept locked up until you pick up your animal and then the form is destroyed. You may always ask for it back at check out.

Q. Do I bring my own food?
A. You can. Add-En-On serves Pedigree.  It is a well balanced adult dog food. If there is a special diet that your dog or cat is on, please pre-package each meal in a Ziplock bag, and we will feed to your instructions.

Q. Do you charge extra to feed a special diet?
A. No.

Q. Will my dog or cat get fleas going to the kennel?
A. NO. Add-En-On is a flea-free facility. All guests arriving are checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival. IF we should find they show any signs or have live fleas on them, they will need to be bathed and free of fleas before entering the kennel at an additional expense. We do recommend the flea and tick preventative.

Q. Can the credit card number on my vet release be used to pay for my boarding bill?
A. No, we manually swipe all credit card transactions for payment either upon arrival or departure. You may pre-pay if you are having a family member of friend pick up for you.

Q. My pet takes medicine – can you administer it?
A. Yes. Any oral, or topical medications can be given to your pet during their stay. There is a $1.00 charge per medication. No injectable medications can be given because we do not have a veterinarian on staff.

Q. Is there anyone with the dogs all night?
A. No, although several people live on the premises and Add-En-On has a monitoring system that monitors the building for trouble. The dogs sleep much more peacefully when they are not disturbed.

Q. Is the kennel heated and air-conditioned?
A. Yes the kennel is heated through the cold months of winter.  We have a Geo Thermal heating and cooling system with a additional supplement of propane furnace.  We also have radiant floor.  We are both fan cooled in the summer as well as have air conditioning in some sections of the kennel.  The down side of using the air conditioning, is it does not allow them to play outside – where as fan cooled does. The indoor portion of the kennel stays cool in summer because of the concrete block design – much like your basement stays cool. Our cattery is air-conditioned because cats do not go outside.

Q. Can I bring my dogs bed, blanket and toys?
A. Yes, but we don’t recommend it, and prefer you do not. . If you would like to bring something from home for comfort, it should be machine washable, and no bigger than a standard bath towel. Old toys, or ones that are not favorite are best – in case they get chewed up or go outside. For the smell of home an old tee-shirt is always great.  We do provide all of our guests a bed and blanket at night to sleep on.

Q. Do I need to make reservations in advance?
A. Yes you do.  We secure all reservations with a $50 non refundable deposit, as well as we do all drop off and pick ups by specific appointment time.  We do appointments between 9 am & 3 pm Monday through Saturdays.

Q. Is my dog stuck in a crate all day?
A. NO – Add-En-On offers indoor/outdoor runs for each guest who stays with us!

Q. Can I come take a tour of your facility?
A. YES!! We highly recommend it.  Call us and we would be happy to schedule one for you.  We do not staff a receptionist, so an appointment is needed.  Drop in visits can not be accommodated.

Q. What is included with the standard boarding rate?
A. The indoor/outdoor run, breakfast, dinner & snacks, fresh water at all times, maid service each morning, and bed and blanket at night.

Q. Why don't you leave the bedding down during the day?
A. We found to keep the bedding clean and dry it should be picked up during the day.

Q. Can I board my two dogs together?
A. No.  For safety reasons, everyone boards, eats and sleeps separate, but can be in rooms next to each other.  They can however play together during the day with supervision.

Q. Can I board my dog with my neighbors dog?
A. NO. 

Q. Do you ever put two strange dogs together?
A. No, unless owners give permission during Friend Time.

Q. Can I have a friend or neighbor pick up or drop off my pet?
A. Yes to both. You would pre-pay if someone else would like to pick up for you. If you were having someone else drop off, you would download the Veterinarian Release Form and Boarding Contract, send them filled out.

Q. Do you board just dogs?
A. We primarily do only dogs, but can often accommodate other things based on the situation and pet.

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